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Signs & Symptoms


A Lighter Shade of Blue
Postpartum Depression, Anxiety and Adjustment Support

Have you had a baby in the past year?

Are you feeling...

Sad?            Nervous? 

       Worried?               Scared?

You've Come to the Right Place!


There are Three Types of Post Partum Stress:

BABY BLUES occur soon after the baby's birth and last less that a week. It is a time of weeping for a woman due to a sudden drop in hormone level after delivery. Approximately 80% of all women suffer from this phenomena.

POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION/ANXIETY occurs between one week and one year after the baby's birth, most often occurring one week to six months postpartum. About 10% of all women suffer from postpartum depression or anxiety. Symptoms may include: Nervousness, anxiety and panic Sadness, depression and hopelessness Poor concentration, confusion and memory loss Uncontrollable crying and irritability Guilt, inadequacy and worthlessness Exaggerated highs and/or lows Sluggishness, fatigue and exhaustion Appetite and sleep disturbances Overconcern for the baby Fear of harming the baby and/or yourself Lack of interest in the baby Although postpartum depression does not take the same form for every woman, all of the symptoms can be equally distressing and leave you wondering, "Am I going crazy?"

POSTPARTUM PSYCHOSIS is the most severe and, fortunately, the least common postpartum reaction. Symptoms are very exaggerated and severe: Insomnia Hallucinations Agitation Bizarre feelings or behavior.

So, What's Going ON?? It is important to realize that these symptoms are not a sign of weakness or inadequacy. It is a very difficult time for the whole family, mainly the woman going through this ordeal. It is very important that you are honest with your feelings and are willing to share them with at least one other person. Your spouse or doctor/nurse midwife are great resources to start with. The sooner you seek help the sooner you, your baby and your family can begin healing. Please open up and let us help. There is healing out there for you.


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